‘The Children of Leningradsky’

The Children of Leningradsky, was very successful in terms of having effect and bringing about social change.  I‘ve attempted to sum up the main effects it brought beyond the obvious aid and have highlighted the following:

  • Thanks to our direct humantarian aid many children were rescued from the dangerous and depraving streetlife.
  • The film got nominated for an Academy Award (Oscar) and was broadcast in many countries.
  • Tens of thousands of people visited the film’s website. Many contacted me directly, with thousands of these people also visiting the Active Child Aid website and donating to its charitable activities and/or volunteering in different ways.
  • It was presented to the European Parliament to highlight the issues of child homelessness and violations of children’s rights as well as human rights.
  • Because of the film, I was invited to and took part in talk shows in Russia and Poland in relation to this issue.
  • It aided cooperative meetings between different charities in South Africa—who assist homeless children in variety of ways—to share their expertise and different experiences in order to build a network to help homeless children in their own country.
  • Children of Leningradsky was also a featured story in dozens of newspaper articles including the New York Times story “Don’t End Their Hope.”
  • It invoked discussions all over the world (via National Public Radio, Chicago Public Radio, Russian NTV television, Polish TV, Canal Plus, Belgian Radio and TV, and many others).

Something Better To Come picks up the thread in the place where The Children left off, so it is a continuation story in a sense. The new movie is designed to have the same effect in the social arena this time also, but with even greater effect hopefully.

For more information, please visit childrenofleningradsky.com